Artists’ letters to Hanna Bekker vom Rath

from the Archive Hanna Bekker vom Rath Frankfurt

Dear, greet me your whole dear blue house and all its inhabitants, not to forget Mr. Paul, always your old Kerkovi

Ida Kerkovius, undated letter around 1926 (excerpt)
Hanna Bekker, Portrait of Ida Kerkovius, 1947,
Stadtmuseum Hofheim

Dear, dear madam: In the meantime, it has become mid-June and is oppressive in the Berlin studio under the roof. Therefore, I would like to politely inquire if there is a possibility that we could move into your little house in Hofheim for some time.

Ludwig Meidner, letter 14.6.1926 (excerpt)

Hanna, my dear friend! … In my thoughts I am often with you, in Hofheim, in your red room, in your studio and with you personally.

Alexej Jawlensky, letter July 1930 (excerpt)
Hanna Bekker, Portrait A. Jawlensky, Zeichnung um 1939
Hanna Bekker, Portrait E. W. Nay, 1947, Stadtmuseum Hofheim

My dear honored madam, … A large picture 2 figures, 2 women in Taunus landscape. You see, I did not go home unimpressed. How could it be otherwise. On the contrary! A big, full sound is in me, broken in the right moment, which now wants to take shape.

Ernst Wilhelm Nay, letter 3.4.1939 (excerpt)

Dearest Mrs. Bekker … At the moment I think of you so intensely that I hear the fountain trickling in your garden, the red beech rustling and a corner of bright red poppy protruding from everything else. I have never seen such a beautiful garden before.

Else Meidner, letter 20.4.1949 (excerpt)
Hanna Bekker, Portrait of Else Meidner, 1937

Dear dear Mrs. Bekker vom Rath, … I still reminisce about the nights in your Red Room, fascinated by the boats SRs. This image has mysteriously impressed itself on me. There is art!

HAP Grieshaber, painted letter 25.1.1954 (extract)
Hanna Bekker, Portrait of Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, 1933

My dear Hanna, … We would now like to ask you if we may then spend December 1st (Karl Schmidt-Rottluff’s 80th birthday) in your house. It would be very kind of you – we will have to move away from Berlin. … Best wishes, yours Emy

Emy Schmidt-Rottluff, letter 16.8.1964 (excerpt)

Dear Mrs. Bekker vom Rath! Your picture is on the road! … I am happy that my „Vorfrühling in Hofheim“ now belongs to you. – Those were wonderful weeks in your house, back in February 1968. It was dark in the Taunus Mountains, sometimes still snow clouds and icy air, the garden, the rose arbour still transparent, but the earth was preparing. In the evening, the conversations with you over a good Ballantine …

Klaus Gesche, letter 18.5.1970 (excerpt)
Klaus Gesche, Vorfrühling in Hofheim, 1968

The Artists’ Circle of the Blue House is the subject of the permanent exhibition Art in the Stadtmuseum Hofheim.